Monday, April 16, 2012

On the Roof of America

Song to listen to as you scroll: 

When I saw this "sun" of a gun, I could not resist shooting some photos of him. To me, this look is superb. This easy going look hits all the right notes. Why? It's because this guy...knows how to accessorize. 

The Blues Brothers button added a touch of iconic cool.  

His hairstyle (which I consider an accessory) was a relaxed pompadour quietly pulling his style into a past era. 
His earthy colored shoes were a neutral yet smart choice letting the other accessories (such as the ones below) do the talking.   

The hardware that he added to his outfit were in fact the nuts and bolts that really made this look fuse together. 

While I didn't ask him too many questions, I did inquire about his rings. Smiling, he said some of them used to belong to his grandmother while others he bought on his own. 

When you first glance at the featured King, his look is holistically solid. But what makes it work really well are the little details. It's amazing how although his outfit is saturated with accessories, it doesn't look overdone or looks supreme. 
May we all strive to look as effortless as he!


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