Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kyler By Joy O: Mixed Metals

Close up of Anode collar necklace in mixed metals
Underside of Anode collar necklace in mixed metals

As those around me will be quick to agree, I'm all about anything and everything BUT simplicity. Packed into this absolutely ahhhhmazing necklace by San Francisco-based jewelry brand "Kyler by Joy O" is an intricate design that seems so futuristic yet reminiscent of the interlocking pattern found across many styles of architecture. I was so very excited to have won this necklace because this piece is not just structurally beautiful, it is also created in conditions that try to limit any negative impact on the environment.  

Additionally, this necklace really reminds of the style of Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite painters.  Though best known for his painting The Kiss, you can see from the painting above that this abstract style, almost like a mosaic, permeates many of his works.  The fact that my new Kyler necklace is so thematically similar is just the icing on the cake! 

You can find your own dream necklace here

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