Monday, May 14, 2012

Street King ♔: The Full Spectrum

I will be the first to admit that I have a color addiction. Therefore, when I saw this quite colorful man with his cool Queen, I couldn't resist walking up to them and asking if they could put down their  In-n-out burgers for just a second so I could capture their fun attires. 

When I asked the color King where he attained his outfit, he laughed are responded, "this? this is old, I got in New York ten years ago!" He also mentioned that typically he would never wear his flip-flops with such an outfit. What I love about his outfit is that the color of his top reminds me of a melting popsicle (the kind we used to have as kids) which stirs images of summertime! 

The Queen I met was incredibly amiable and I knew at once we would get along because she got her accessories at Forever 21 (who doesn't love Forever?). 

The King of color added the peacock feather to his hat because he just "loves peacock feathers."

Most of my favorite Kings and Queens I document are completely on the fly and it's important to know because it just goes to show how interesting Davis can be!

<3, ♔ B

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