Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Le Bridgett

After watching many moody fashion documentaries such as Valentino and Seamless, and conducting a few interviews of local designers myself, I realized the number one question people want answered is:
"What inspires you?"
Often the answer is a person or something generic like flowers. After asking myself what most inspires me I began to find it such a frustrating question. It's like someone asking your favorite color when you really love a different color from minute to minute (or maybe that's just me). 

So to answer the question. the inspiration from this outfit was from my stuffed animal weeenieeeee doggy. I had bought a big bag of vintage stuffed animals from the Vacaville Opportunity House and this little cutie was in it. 

Just look how adorable the stitched eyelashes, beret and ears are! Inspired by this French pooch, I decided to sport this dress/top I got from Forever 21 for 2.50! (I just love it when they have the 50% off of 50% off sale...it's like heaven)I felt that the red white and blue stripes were perfect Parisian choice. . I also chose to don a beret because what's more French than a beret? (*Hint...nothing the answer is nothing is more French than a beret ^_^).  I got it at This 'n' That Thrift & Gift when I was on break at the SACFW model casting at Capsity offices the other weekend. I just couldn't help myself. 

(We both have bows on out backsides! X). )

Well...I have nothing else to say...so as awkward as this ending is...

Thanks for visiting The Sun Queen! TTFN.

Shine on,

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