Monday, July 30, 2012

MONDAY: Freestyle Fashion

My crown can be pesky sometimes. It's knows when I'm actually prepared. Those times that I  hit the pavement with crown in hand to do some street photos it acts as a style repeller. While I didn't have my camera this day, I still found them to be a King and Queen of Fashion. After all, the crown is representative of how unique we all are and I merely put it there as a visual reminder. 

This King and Queen rule the pavement. 

I personally think you can never go wrong with a button down camp shirt for simple refinement. 

I loved his dress pants with skate shoes (super rad!) I felt his skateboard was the icing on the cake. Like clothing, skateboards are like mobile art!

Her simple boho chic accessories and peach vest-cardigan were girly but still skateboard appropriate.  Super cute!

She wanted me to only see this side of the skateboard because the other side was "not as cool". 

This DIY Queen made her own bracelets and stacked them! There are power in numbers.

When I got out to "enjoy the sun" like this couple, whether it is reading outside or biking, it always rejuvenates me as I have to spend a lot of my time on my computer. Being out in nature is healing. So go outside today and enjoy the sun!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Success to LAUNCH

The LAUNCH Fashion show took place at 10th and J in The Landmark building in downtown 'Sacratomato'. There were THREE (count 'em) THREE Project Runway designers featured: Gordana GehlhausenMichael Costello and Seth Aaron. In addition to those fab three there were designers Ashon Sylvester and Furne One. The show lasted for over an hour and I loved every. single. minute. 
Project Runway Designer Seth Aaron
Project Runway Designer Michael Costello walking in silly. 

Diiivine shoes crafted by the lovely Kate Ferguson

I mean, how beautiful are these blinged out babies!? My fav were the green with gold ones. 

So many gowns were shown! I would wear ALL of them. 
I loved this because I saw it as a pun (CLOTHESHORSE....get it?!) Furne One did a fab job with their headdresses. 

Dress is from YSJ Vntage (downtown Sac). ;) 

 With over 500 photos taken, I have had to pick out only my favorites. That last one seen above was taken after I had "paparazzi'd' Seth Aaron. To my embarrassment he called me over and asked if I wanted a picture with him! I was blushing. Haha, don't we look like a strange couple from the 50's?  

After party shenanigans with Michael Costello (he was consistently hilarious!)

And the rest is history. Sacramento history!