Monday, May 7, 2012

Street Queen♕: Photoception

As I was casually biking home from work, I immediately squeezed the hand brakes and turned my bike around when I saw this brilliantly dressed lady. When I biked up to her, I tried to suppress my excited loony eyes so she wouldn't be weird-ed out... and to my relief, she let me photograph her!

Of course, my favorite part of her outfit was her top and OF COURSE was from Anthopologie! I am notorious for picking people wearing Anthropologie items. What is special about this top is that it is by New York based photographer Sarah Ball

Ball is well known for her photographs of the south and this bright Queen is donning a photograph printed top! I thought it was pret-ty pretty. 

But then again, so was everything she wore! Her hair was a wonderfully bright red with a great textured hair clip and for her other accessory she wore a strikingly cool snake bracelet

I am so glad I had my bike that day so I could catch up with her. 

One crown fits all. 

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