Saturday, April 14, 2012

Exhibition Expedition


ARTifact is a brand new public gallery in Davis they (founders Kris and Dennis) say it best when they say it is:

"The legitimate love child of Kris Rosa and Dennis Brovald. An attempt to unearth local talent and rid the surrounding area of blandness." was just that.

Artist extraordinaire Miss Kate Alloway 

Alloway and her work


chick chick chicken! by local artist

wonderfully dapper attendee

♕ In the middle of genius founders Dennis (left) and Kris (right)

The apple looked good enough to snatch from the paper

I love the punny name "ARTifact" because not only does it make me grin but it also lives up to its name in that when you visit, you feel like you are unearthing a side of Davis that hasn't been explored. Can't wait until the next art expedition!

Depiction of Bowie by Kris Rosa

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