Friday, April 20, 2012

I walked towards the light

A couple of months ago after working late night (about 11pm) at the was pitch black and I saw light flashes coming above the surrounding buildings a couple of streets down. 

I imagined it was dragons

To my dismay, it wasn't dragons...However, I wasn't too disappointed when I saw what was going on and today I brought my camera to capture the magic. 
^using fire fans

A group of about 20+ guys and dolls gather downtown and practice using their:
 fire sticks
 fire hoolahoops
 fire nun chucks
 fire swords
fire whips
fire fans
fire flails

YES. It's all true. The reflection of fire was in my eyes for a glorious hour. 


I decided to make a gif because as I was watching them, I wished I could slow it down to take it all I actually did slow it down. :) (I LOVED THOSE FANS!!)

It was so beautiful to see people light each-others "weapon of choice".  

It was also quite beautiful the way that even as the fire was dying, they stayed with their "weapon" till they end and kept twirling until it went out. 

It was a performance fit for a queen. 

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