Sunday, April 22, 2012

bɔn‿ivɛːʁ a.k.a Bon Iver

Bon Iver played at Freeborn Hall at UC Davis on Tuesday April 12th. I must say, although I do appreciate his music...he puts on a fantastic show (so for those of you who are totally gaga about his recordings...this show was a special treat!)

Bon Iver

I was mesmerized by the little lights they had on individual stands.  They would alternate colors to echo the psychedelic backgrounds projected onto the hanging material. 

Crowd fashion was fun to look at. 

When I approached this guy I said "Hi. I really like your mustache. Can I photograph it?" He said "yea", pinched the ends and began to twitch it. ^_^ There was a lot of facial hair at the Bon Iver concert. Lots of beards. 

I had Mr. Vernon sign to "The Sun Queen" ;) (front of ticket). I also had the violinist sign (back). He wrote "owner and lover" because I let these wildly starstruck groupies use my pen to have him sign their stuff (owner of pen)....but whats awesome is I got to keep the pen he touched ;P!

Me and these two pretty chicas united over the ever so talented Justin V. 

He was signing some pretty kooky stuff like this girls crochet needles. He also signed some body parts,  random pieces of paper and a beer can case. 

Overall, it was a superb show and especially after getting signatures it was definitely worth $40.

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