Friday, April 19, 2013

It Was "Reely" Cool Meeting The French Cassettes

The French Cassettes: "Infectious melodies with booty-shaking rhythm, in the style of big city beats."


On April 18th I got the chance to see the Bay Area band "The French Cassettes" at Bows and Arrows Boutique in Sacramento. I wanted to see them so badly I braved a bus and trolley in Downtown Sac at night. It was worth every creepy solicitation I got while waiting for the buses. :P The show began a little late at about 8:20ish. So I shopped a little and bought a cute cotton green/white striped tee and a psychedelically bright flower dress (I'll post on them later ;).

^ This was the first French Cassettes song I ever heard. I suggest you play it while you scroll along (you know, for ambiance ^_^).

Cool merch was available including a copy of their cd (for free)! 

I thought it was cool how they (well all except for Ben) had white converse on so I decided to do a little collage of their fashiiiioooon. 

Mackenzie Bunch (right) and fan.

Scott wearing ze official Sun Queen Crown. 

Scott Huerta (Vocals/Guitars/Keyboard) and mua.

Ben I. (Drums) and mua. 
They played for a solid hour and I heard all of my favorites including "Radley"! If it wasn't for my friend who's always keen on what local bands are the creme de la creme, I wouldn't have known about these guys! It was a full house at Bows and Arrows and the second time that they played there. I can't wait until they play over my way again.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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