Thursday, March 7, 2013

♛ Stuff That Really Rules: Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Today I would like to introduce you to the most fantastical set of mirrors done by a French artist named Nathalie Lété. When fate brought my eyes and these mirrors together I first thought "all I'd want is the woman with the hat". Then I saw them in pairs (the woman and man then the little boy and girl) and before I knew it, I wanted all four in the series. In my head it was getting dramatic thinking about tearing apart this Parisian family of mirrors. At $85 a pop, who could deny this charming family a place on your wall! 

Madame Mirror by Nathalie Lete
Monsieur Mirror by Nathalie Lete
Garçon Mirror by Nathalie Lete
Fillie Mirror by Nathalie Lete
It is no wonder that when I stumbled upon these mirrors that I immediately began drooling over them. While these mirrors aren't available at my favorite store Anthropologie, Nathalie Lété is currently one of their featured artists

You can find these mirrors here and you can visit her website here

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