Monday, January 19, 2015

Keith Haring: The Political Line

Saturday I visited the De Young museum in San Fransisco with my sisters. My first encounter with Haring's work was on Sesame Street. Do you remember it? I think he was one of the first artists I ever even knew of! So this exhibit was super special and exciting for me.

Keith Haring was such a prolific artist. However the featured collection focused on his political statements. It was interesting that little to none of the featured works were titled. In retrospect, I realized that titles were unnecessary because his re-occurring themes of violence, phallus's and of suffering were literally outlined boldly.

Untitled, 1985
This piece was dedicated to contemporary and friend Andy Warhol

A pile of crowns, for Basquiat, 1988
 dedicated to Haring's contemporary and friend Basquiat

I couldn't help but think this sarcophagus was so cool and "gangster" with it's arms crossed and tattoo-like graffitied body.

Keith Haring's art was so awe inspiring even This Corgi was enjoyed it! My sisters and I swear we saw him not only looking at the art but smiling at it.

Shop De Young online:here

I bought some super cool souveniers. I bought some buttons, a magnet and the show's poster. Museum stores are such a dangerous place for me. I love both art and trinkets so therefore art trinkets are just the best thing ever.

Because we spent three hours at the Keith Haring exhibition we were too tired to experience much of the permanent collection. However we saw some really fun pieces such as the rainbow squared one above. 
I can't wait to return! Remember, Keith Haring: The Political Line is running until February 16th. Don't forget to buy your tickets online. They have reserved time slots and some sections may sell out so buy early!


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  1. Wow. I think you really love the sight seeing there. Really Keith Haring Political Line is so incredible. You are so lucky that you saw it perfectly and took some pictures. Anyway, you look pretty artist in your printed black knee length dress.