Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Down The Rabbit Hole

What I like most about Old Sacramento is that each and every store is jammed packed with STUFF. You want sweets? They have entire stores full of candy barrels after candy barrels. Or for some reason you love Mardi Gras 365 days a year there IS a store dedicated to obsessions like that.  However neither of these things are what tickled me pink on my trip to Sacramento; rather, I was infatuated Brooks Novelty Antiques and Records
Just as the sign above says, you have to go downstairs (and let me tell you, I didn't carefully go down the stairs, I gleefully ran).  

The blinking light for the "open" sign seemed to be winking at me. was very convincing.  
Picture ^ of my dad conversing (which any conversation in this store is automatically more cool than another other conversation). 

I am 100% positive I am going back.  Not only do they have amazing rare records I want to gawk at again, but they have wonderfully colorful PINBALL machines. 

Although it was such a narrow store, they maximized their space by  placing objects on objects and product all over the walls and ceilings. This dousing of vintage products made me wonderfully nostalgic and no photos do it justice. Can't wait until my next visit.

See you there?


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